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Ring Size Guide
When purchasing something as personal as a diamond ring, one size fits all just doesn’t cut it!

Fortunately, Baker Brothers are diamond specialists, and our team is here to guide you through the process. From sitting with you whilst you use a jewellers loupe to learn about and choose your diamond to deciding what precious metal works best for you and your lifestyle. We’re here to make it easy for you to find the perfect ring.
We recommend visiting our boutique to get an accurate ring size measurement. Book your appointment today.
Ring sizing at Baker Brothers Diamonds
The Perfect Moment
Keeping your proposal a surprise is an important part of popping the question. Carefully planning the perfect moment, finding the perfect place and choosing the perfect ring.
But how do you make sure the ring fits?!
We asked our Baker Brothers specialists for their tips on how to secretly find out your partner’s ring size.
1. Borrow it – A great strategy is to borrow one of your partner’s rings without them realising. Be careful with this tactic because it could backfire. Be sure to borrow a ring they won’t notice is missing and that is a similar size to your partner’s left ring finger. 

2. Trace it – If you’re worried about losing one of your partner’s rings this is a great solution. Take one of their rings and place it on a piece of paper. Draw around the inside and outside of the ring. Make sure you do it slowly and that you can see the lines (trace it round a few times to make sure). A Baker Brothers specialist can typically figure out an approximate measurement from your sketch! 

3. Friend it – One of the best ways to find out your partner’s ring size is to ask one of their friends. If they don’t know, he or she can be the one to play detective and ask (nonchalantly). Want to get one step ahead, ask the friend to take your partner engagement ring shopping ‘for fun’. This way they get professionally sized and you may even get a hint as to the styles they like, win-win! 

4. Sleep on it – It’s a little out there but desperate times. If you have a heavy sleeper as a partner this can be a great way to figure out your partner’s ring size. It also makes a hilarious story afterwards! While their sleeping, take a piece of string, fishing line or piece of paper and wrap it around the finger of their left hand. It could take a couple of nights to get it right, but we know you can do it (just don’t wake them up!). 

5. Don’t Stress it – The above tips are all great, but the biggest tip we can give is don’t stress. Baker Brothers offer a resizing service. Once you’ve popped the question, book your sizing appointment and we’ll make sure the ring fits perfectly.