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An Interview with Shaun Leane

An Interview with Shaun Leane

From winning the Outstanding Contribution to the Industry Award at the UK Jewellery Awards 2021 to his innovations in jewellery design with Alexander McQueen; Shaun Leane continues to break new ground in the world of jewellery. Find out more about this extrodinary designer.
January Birthstone

January Birthstone

The birthstone for January is the juicy red garnet, though garnets can be found in a whole spectrum of colours. Garnets are thought to be one of the oldest gemstones used for adornment and spiritual protection.
October Birthstone

October Birthstone

The birthstone for October can be Opal or Tourmaline – gems that invoke feelings of magic, mystery and superstition. These this kaleidoscopic gems are as diverse as snowflakes or fingerprints and can vary widely in appearance and quality. Learn about the factors that make opals and tourmalines so desirable!

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