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Launch of the TUDOR Black Bay 58

TUDOR is back with another exciting drop! The new TUDOR Black Bay 58 pays homage to the heritage of the brand and is a tribute to the brands first divers’ watches. This beautiful new timepiece is designed for slim wrists and vintage enthusiasts alike.

The Black Bay Fifty Eight gets its name from the year 1958, in which the first TUDOR divers’ watch waterproof to 200 metres (660 ft) was introduced. Among the other tributes to history, this model offers a case of 39mm in diameter in keeping with the characteristic proportions of the 1950s.

Back in 1969, TUDOR introduced a divers’ watch with a blue dial and bezel. The other sporty watches in the collection were soon attired in blue which formed a lasting aesthetic hallmark known as “TUDOR Blue” which was soon adopted by the French navy for its TUDOR divers’ watches during the 1970s. The new Black Bay Fifty-Eight Navy Blue follows in this tradition with its navy blue dial and bezel insert. This is a colour that also appears on the ‘Soft touch’ strap offered with this model and made from a synthetic, tactile material resembling flannel.

This new timepiece comes with a choice of a riveted steel bracelet with polished and satin finish, leather or “soft touch” strap with folding clasp or a fabric strap. The fabric strap is made with one of TUDORs signature features; The Jacquard technique, a traditional method achieved by a hundred year old family business from the St-Etienne region of France.

Another feature taken from the inspiration of TUDOR divers’ watches of the 1950s is the angular hands known as snowflake, which appeared in the brands 1969 catalogue. Finally the large winding crown, characteristic of the first generation of TUDOR divers’ watches to be waterproof to 200 metres (660ft), is also alluded to in this model.