Bespoke for such a long time had been for the privileged. Commissioning a one off uniquely designed piece was the reserved luxury of the fortunate few. Designer brands with clever marketing try to deliver a sense of luxury to the masses but with that nagging knowledge that someone else could buy exactly the same thing. I think this is certainly a driving factor for the resurgence in bespoke.

Bespoke can be a dream engagement ring with every detail fulfilled or a reworking of a classic the world is your oyster. This resurgence is seeing more people breathe new life into old, or simply create something new and unique to them with personal touches. It needn’t be the out of reach indulgence of the few either. More and more jewellers can help you achieve your vision with even a modest budget. You would be surprised what can be crafted from that inherited brooch you would never have worn, or a ring that was far too dated. Working with the materials you already have and a knowledgeable jeweller can have breathtaking results.

It can be a real adventure. A journey where you will be expertly guided through with advice on the initial design conception, suitability of materials and in the many cases a sneak peek into the world of gemmology.

Choosing the right person for the job is imperative. All the best ideas in the world won’t come to fruition if the best person for the job isn’t chosen. A bespoke piece of jewellery cannot be ordered online with free postage and packaging. An online company that can laser print “Daddy” onto a leather key fob can’t create you a piece of jewellery you want to be able to wear for years to come. A personal thing like bespoke jewellery needs just that – the personal touch. Not forgetting quality- you don’t want to be disappointed when the big reveal happens.
Picture yourself sitting down with your in house design expert ready to start your journey. Begin by incorporating your ideas and their wealth of knowledge. Search through an array of gemstones in varying sizes, shades and shapes to achieve your dream piece. Or Perhaps you have a beautiful gemstone that just needs to be lifted by the addition of a bit of extra sparkle.

Whatever your vision is a trusted and knowledgeable jeweller can guide you and inspire you through what will be a memorable experience. Resulting ultimately in a new treasure more personal to you than anything else you have ever worn.

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