TUDOR is a watch brand that is shaking the watch industry dramatically in the last year, currently the 8th best-selling Swiss watch brand in the UK – Look out Cartier! If you keep on hearing about this innovating brand it’s really no surprise. But what is TUDOR and why should we keep a close eye on this rapidly growing watch brand? TUDOR was founded by the great Hans Wildorf, and for those that don’t know… Wildorf is also the founder of Rolex, which gives this brand instant credibility. TUDOR was labelled the sister brand of Rolex, and also known as the more affordable luxury watch brand.

So who is TUDOR made for and who is the target audience? Originally the TUDOR timepieces were perceived as tool watches, being used by professional divers and even utilised by the military, but in the more recent years TUDOR has taken on a whole new demeanour as a stylish, fashionable, daring and contemporary brand directing it towards a younger audience.

In 2009 a brand re-launch was instigated by TUDOR which led to the release of some brand new product lines. In recent years we have seen TUDOR change its direction with the new #BornToDare tagline which has been encouraged by the celebrity ambassadors of the brand. David Beckham is one of the famous faces of TUDOR… But why him? David Beckham’s daring attitude on and off the football pitch has landed him the chance to represent this incredible brand along with Lady GaGa and the All Blacks rugby team who are also renowned for their brave and fearless attitudes which match TUDOR’s punch tag perfectly.

So what makes TUDOR special? This is the highest quality watch at the most accessible price. Well at such modest prices, with such high quality, the TUDOR timepieces are fantastic value for money. The TUDOR watches are truly Swiss made (Not just 60% which many Swiss made brands are) they are also high performing calibres with exceptional precision and proven durability. It was in 2015 that TUDOR announced its first Manufacture Calibre which offers a 70 hour power reserve; the movement has also been certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). Another prime feature of the brand to keep your eye on is the unique fabric straps being created by an Italian company with 150 years experience creating silks for the Vatican. TUDOR chose this company because not only do they look and feel beautiful but also are incredibly durable.

What springs to mind with this brand is the value for money, you’re looking for a high quality watch that looks stylish, will stand the test of time, so if a Rolex is out of your price range, or not quite your style, well then TUDOR is your answer; these timepieces are not only built with cutting edge watch-making, experience, technology with components shared with Rolex, but these watches also look astonishing and have the ability to perform in the same merit as Rolex at a more affordable price.

It’s safe to say TUDOR is a brand worth investing in; the original Black Bay ETA movement is already being seen on the second hand market at higher values than the original retail price. With quality that is through the roof and ever developing style, this brand will not let you down. The future is bright for TUDOR and you definitely want to be a part of it.

Some of the collections

Black Bay

The Black Bay collection iconic to TUDOR, being the collection that has refined sixty years of diving history into one watch. TUDOR also recently collaborated with Breitling with the calibre MT5813 which is based on the B01 Breitling chronograph movement.

TUDOR Pelagos

The Pelagos collection features watches which are the perfect example of a tool watch and also considered a symbol of adventure. These watches are waterproof to 500M making it a fantastic diver’s watch.

Heritage Ranger

This collection features a touch of TUDOR history as it draws its inspiration from the original TUDOR models. Whilst these models retain their historic features they also sport some modern watch-making tweaks and touches. One of the Heritages new touches is that it is made slightly bigger than the original models

North Flag

 The TUDOR North Flag is well known for its historic connections to the British North Greenland expedition in 1952. This watch lets off a sporty aesthetic and is perfect for any explorer.