Peace of mind for your treasured heirlooms

There are not many possessions you value as much as your treasured jewellery and watches – and protecting it is a job for the experts. Failing to have your jewellery valued means that you really won’t know the value until it is gone. And failing to insure for its true value means that you may never get back what you believe it was worth. With the price of metals such as steel, gold and platinum at record highs it has never been more important to make sure your jewellery and watches are adequately covered by your insurance company.

The Bad News…

It can be tempting to take short-cuts with insurance.

The proliferation of over the phone and internet insurance companies can seem to make a tedious chore easy. Unfortunately this can often lead to double the heartache when an item is lost and it had not been appraised by an expert valuer who specialises in valuing only jewellery and watches at a time when prices are changing rapidly.

The Good News…

Baker Brothers Jewellers have been registered with the trade association, the National Association of Jewellers for over 20 years as a NAJ’s Institute of Registered Valuers Member. This is an important on-site service where your jewellery does not have to be sent away to be valued by experts in the fields of jewellery and watches (including antique items and silverware). All valuations come with expert descriptions and digital photographs together with documentation for your insurance company and by providing individual, itemised assessments of your valuables you have a complete, official record proving your ownership and their value that makes it much easier for you to process a claim if you have to, without the fight to prove the items existence and value.

Special reduced rates for items previously purchased from us (when paperwork is provided)

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