How To Buy An Engagement Ring

Congratulations! Buying an engagement ring may be a little daunting as nobody does it every day! This is a once in a life time event and undoubtedly you want to get it right. Many questions will be buzzing around your head from, how much to spend? What style will she like? Will it even fit? and where to even start looking! Put all your worries aside and start here with a guide from start .

Our Top 5 Diver Watches

Over the year’s diver watches have become increasingly popular, not just due to them being made with advanced underwater technology, but due to the way they are visually presented. Although they may be designed for the deep-sea diving experience, it certainly hasn’t stopped people wearing them for the fashionable aspect. Diver watches are traditionally made to enable a water resistance of 200-300m and the quality of the technology is improving year by year. The .

Bespoke Jewellery

The care and attention, the focus and depth of detail are all on you. This is Bespoke. Bespoke for such a long time had been for the privileged. Commissioning a one off uniquely designed piece was the reserved luxury of the fortunate few. Designer brands with clever marketing try to deliver a sense of luxury to the masses but with that nagging knowledge that someone else could buy exactly the same thing. I think .

Wedding Trends & Predictions 2016-2017

What a wealth of ideas there are out there when it comes to planning your wedding at the moment! I would go as far as to say it’s a little overwhelming. For every trend you read telling you this is absolutely ‘the way to go’ there is an equally emphatic piece on the exact opposite! I can’t work out if its blushed tones and neutral ombre colours or vibrant pops and bold statements! Well if you .

Quartz Vs Automatic Movement – What’s The Difference?

Quartz Here is the debate of the watch world that has been going on for over four decades. As with all areas of watches and jewellery it is a personal decision as there are benefits to both. I personally have a lot of admiration for both feats of technology. Quartz movements are your dependable workhorse, a faithful friend. Whether you have worn it that week or not you can pick up your watch and .

Gold Plating V PVD – What’s the difference

Gold Plating V PVD – Which one’s right for you? Gold plated Gold plating is a traditional technique to apply a gold finish to jewellery and watches. The thickness of the plating can vary from designer to designer, so not all gold plating is alike. Measured in microns the greater the thickness of plating the longer it should last, however, this also depends on how hard a person is on the jewellery and the .

Bring The Bling – In store valuation day

Do you know what your jewellery is worth? Don’t take the risk of being under insured. Visit us in store on May 25th and have your jewellery valued while you wait. Failing to have your jewellery valued means that you really won’t know the value until it is gone. And failing to insure your treasured possessions for the true value means that you may never get back what you believe it was worth. What’s included with .