Engagement Ring FAQs
The simple answer is – when the time is right. There isn’t a wrong or right time to get engaged and only you know when feels right. People choose to get engaged at different times within their relationship, some whom have been together for a few months, while others may have been together for 20+ years. At certain times of the year such as Christmas and Valentines day there may be a higher demand for jewellery and this could mean waiting a longer period of time to get the perfect ring crafted by expert goldsmiths, so don’t forget to bare this mind when you plan to pop the question!
Engagement rings are traditionally worn on fourth finger of the left hand, why? Because the Ancient Romans believed this finger had a vein that ran directly to the heart.
Yes, certainly. However, the following can alter how this is done; 1. The style of the ring For example, if the ring is a single stone diamond with plain shoulders, there is more ability for sizing as the band is plain. This means that the sizing would be less likely to interfere with the practicality of the ring as it won’t unsettle any gemstones. This can differ when there is more than one gemstone or the ring has shoulder stones because when the ring is being altered it requires a huge amount of heat and tension on the shoulders which can cause the settings of the gemstones to be unsettled meaning a potential risk of damaging or losing stones.
Of course they can if you so desire. Baker brothers use reputable suppliers and designers that can make exquisite pieces in rose gold. However the thing to bear in mind is that whilst rose gold may be the height of fashion now, can you see yourself wearing it in 50 years time as you gracefully grow older? If rose gold is really the choice for you Baker brothers can get you that step closer to achieving your dream.
Yes! At Baker Brothers we offer 0% finance on the majority of our engagement rings, however, this does exclude rings which are pre-loved or discounted. We also offer a bespoke design service which means that our goldsmith can craft the perfect ring tailored to your budget – This service is also available on 0% finance!
Our advice is to never think of an engagement ring as an investment piece, this is not what they are designed for and it isn’t necessary to look at the potential sale value for their ring. They are a symbol of love to your partner and the sentimental value can far outweigh the cost of the engagement ring no matter how much you spend it is something you should cherish for a lifetime and pass down through many generations. You should buy it because you love it.
Absolutely! Apart from the wedding ring an engagement ring is the one piece of jewellery that women will love and cherish for the rest of their life. It is also important to think about what it symbolises as oppose to it being ‘just a piece of jewellery’ as engagement rings embody the everlasting love and commitment you have for your partner.
Whilst you may find some rings that appear to be a ‘better deal’ online, they are very likely to be of inferior quality compared to engagement rings at Baker brothers. A lot of companies online use lower grades of metals and diamonds which are reflected in the price. Another thing to bear in mind when considering purchasing online is that you do not get to try rings on or get a personal service.
Baker brothers have a beautiful selection of engagement rings to suit any taste or budget. If you have a certain price point in mind, one of our consultants will be happy to show you the options available and guide you. As diamond specialists we have very strict parameters for the diamond qualities that we select so that you can get the absolute best quality engagement ring for your budget, we also offer a bespoke service so that you can design the ring of your dreams.
Yes- engagement and wedding rings have different purposes. An engagement ring symbolises your dedication to your partner that you are promising the commitment of marriage to follow. A wedding ring is used in a wedding ceremony to seal two people’s love, the wedding bands infinite circle is representing the everlasting love the two of you will share as a couple.
Typically most engagement rings are made from either platinum, yellow gold or white gold. This is because they are naturally hard metals that are durable and practical for everyday wear. Another factor that is taken in to account is when setting precious gemstones for example diamonds, rubies and sapphires they need to be supported correctly to ensure that they are not lost or damaged. The reason that engagement rings aren’t usually made from silver is because silver is an extremely soft metal, not suitable for setting precious gemstones or to be worn on an everyday basis. It tarnishes really easily as well as reacting with sunlight or household chemicals encountered in everyday life.
No- Engagement rings do not stretch however, over time the ring will wear and take on your lifestyle. For example, some people might do more manual work than others meaning the ring could wear down quicker.
Whilst only you can choose your desired engagement ring please do keep in mind that whilst halo’s are the height of fashion at the moment will you love it further down the line? Halo rings are quite fussy with shoulder stones and outer stones around your central diamond, you may love the look of them now but as we mature our tastes change. If you are truly sure that a halo ring is the choice for you, then we have a great selection available in our boutique that we would be delighted to show you. Halo rings also make great dress rings so it may be a great alternative to get a traditional engagement ring and a Halo for a statement piece for your right hand.
There is no wrong or right answer to how much an engagement ring should cost. We have a fantastic selection of engagement rings in price points to suit all. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in what you are spending. If you have a certain price point in mind, our consultants will happily be able to guide you through styles, gemstone sizes and qualities to find the perfect ring for you.
Engagement rings differ from any other ring a woman can wear because of its symbolism. When her partner has chosen to present an engagement ring it reflects his admiration, fidelity and commitment to marry her. A dress ring is temporary. An engagement ring is for a life time.
No one can tell you exactly which engagement ring to buy as it is a significant purchase and you know your partner better than anyone. The most important thing to bear in mind when purchasing an engagement ring is to keep it simple. Engagement rings must withstand the test of time; she must love it in fifty years time as well as now.
An elegant solitaire diamond ring is a popular choice because it is timeless and simply beautiful – the diamond does all the talking. They are a brilliant choice for people who are unsure as to what to choose as they are classic and will not go out of fashion. They also look stunning alongside either a traditional plain wedding band or a more modern diamond set wedding band.
No one can tell you what finger size to go for as it is such a personal thing, you will be the one to wear it for a life time so it is important to get it right. If a ring is worn too tight it can feel uncomfortable, equally if a ring is too loose it could slip off and possibly be lost. To avoid either of these, different measurements are tried on to make sure the size you have chosen is right for you. We can advise that a ring should be easy to put on but have some resistance over the knuckle so that it can’t slide straight off, apart from that it’s completely your choice how you wear your ring.Also bear in mind changing temperatures, hands tend to swell when they are warm and shrink when they are cold.
This can differ depending on their source. At Baker Brothers once the diamonds have been selected loose for our engagement rings we have a department who deal with selecting the right ring mounts to complement the diamonds. We use only the highest quality suppliers meaning that our engagement rings are made to an impeccable standard. The mounts will be made in a selection of Platinum, eighteen carat yellow gold or eighteen carat white gold. The mounts department work very close to suppliers to make sure that your ring is robust and ready to embark on its life long journey.
Black diamond engagement rings are rings containing black diamonds as a feature or central element. Black diamonds get their colour from the minerals in which they are formed and the amount of chemical composition. Traditionally bright white diamonds are used for engagement rings as they are classic as opposed to a fashion.
For gemstones there is a scale (Mohs scale) that determines the hardness of the stone from 1 being the weakest to 10 being the hardest. Diamonds are the only gemstone on this scale that is a 10 with Rubies and sapphires coming close behind at a 9 meaning that they can also be used in engagement rings. A gemstone’s hardness is very important to think about for an engagement as it is something that will be worn every day which will mean it will encounter your life’s journey one knock, bump and scrape at a time. If softer gemstones like amethyst, emeralds and topaz’ are used, you run the risk of them breaking far easier and being impractical for every day wear. We advise they are worn on high days and holidays only.
Diamonds are extremely rare. Diamond rings vary in price point and it is four factors known worldwide known as the 4c’s which make up your diamond price and quality; the cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. The higher up the scale you are on each of these things, the rarer your diamond is and the more expensive your diamond will cost. One of our diamond specialists will be able to explain each of these factors in further detail and go through each diamonds qualities. Have you ever heard the phrase one in a million? This is derives from that for every one million diamonds mined there will be only one diamond that’s a carat. At Baker Brothers we are extremely fussy with the quality of diamonds so imagine how rare it is to find one that meets our standards.
An engagement ring valuation is a legal document that will state on it all details of your engagement ring and a price that you will need to insure your ring for with your insurance provider. In essence if you were to lose your ring you will be able to get an exact replacement made up because the valuation document provided will be so detailed and include pictures. Due to factors such as change in metal and diamond prices it is wise to get an up to date valuation on your ring every 3-5 years because the value can fluctuate. At Baker Brothers you will receive a free insurance valuation with your engagement ring at the time of purchase.
A ring containing a modern round brilliant cut diamond will always sparkle the most over any other cut of diamond. This is because the modern round brilliant cut diamond is the only diamond cut to a formula, whereas other cuts of diamonds are still cut by eye. This all came to be when in 1919 a diamond cutter Marcel Tolkowsky worked out that a modern round brilliant cut diamond should have 57 facets cut to precise proportions for optimum sparkle.
Baker Brothers. Your local friendly boutique. Have an idea that you want to make a reality? Great, book an appointment to see one of our diamond specialists who will be able to guide you on suitable settings and mounts. You will also get the opportunity to hand pick a beautiful diamond from our stunning selection to be used into your bespoke piece making a truly unique experience. Share your magical moments with us as you’ll be greeted with a warm smile and made to feel at home with a warm beverage or glass of bubbly as we make your dreams come to life.
An engagement ring setting is the style of mount which keeps the gemstone in place. This can vary depending on the style of ring. A classic four claw setting is a popular choice for a timeless look that withstands the test of time loved by all ages. Other types of settings include rub over, three stone and many more for you to explore, one of our consultants will be happy to show and explain to you the different settings available.
Re-rhodium plating applies when you have white gold jewellery, this is because gold starts its life as yellow then other alloys are mixed to make it a khaki-grey colour and a final rhodium plating is applied to give it a bright white finish. Over time this plating can wear off, but don’t fret, it is easily re applied. It is just a simple case of coming in to the Baker Brothers boutique and sitting with one of our consultants to book in your precious jewellery to get it looking as new as the day you bought it.
No- The size of the diamond is the least important factor. Here at Baker brothers we have the privilege of being one of only a handful of jewellers in the country that selects every diamond loose at the diamond cutters in Antwerp. This means our specialist diamond buyers can get up close and personal, with their trained eye our diamond buyer’s work to very strict parameters to make sure each and every diamond is of high quality before it even enters our store. We always recommend you go for higher qualities and a smaller diamond size because a high quality cut, colour and clarity diamond will always sparkle no matter the size.