Dower & Hall

Celebrated for their passionate and enthusiastic approach to jewellery design, Dower and Hall are quickly becoming widely recognised for their easy to wear yet unique and beloved pieces. Designed to be desirable, affordable and wearable, Dower and Hall's exceptional taste for quality and attention to detail during the creation process, ensure that only the best go on to become a cherished favourite. Here at Baker Brothers, a variety of Dower and Hall's wonderful collections take their place including classic pearls, colourful gemstones, striking contemporary patterns and delicate floral designs.
A piece by Dower and Hall can make the perfect gift. Whether it is to mark a precious arrival or to celebrate an anniversary, with a multitude of collections to choose from, there will be something to suit every occasion and personality. Handcrafted in the London, Dower and Hall can adapt designs to suit everyone's personal style making them the ideal gift tailored to each wearer.

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