Christian Bauer

The birth of the Christian Bauer design encompasses that special combination of very intelligent form and lover's empathy

No ordinary love - No ordinary ring.

Christian Bauer love lovers. They do not just make rings of acceptable quality. They insist on creating beautiful wedding rings without compromise. Only the finest is good enough for those who have found such love that they wish to spend the rest of their lives together. Today's cutting edge technology is combined with the savoire-faire that comes from one hundred and twenty eight years of experience. This potent combination is manifested in perhaps the world's most perfect, beautiful and desirable wedding rings.

True love will endure the test of Time

True love will withstand the test of time like the diamonds so perfectly set in your Christian Bauer ring. One hundred and twenty eight years of experience and the passionate attention to the minutest detail is manifested in total perfection. Your diamonds will span the years from your wedding day to your diamond anniversary and beyond!

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