Purchasing a luxury timepiece is a fantastic feeling, without any doubt you will want to be wearing your new watch on a daily basis, everywhere you go. Buying a watch is not the same as any old purchase; it’s an investment which is designed to stand against the test of time… that is of course, with the care and tenderness it requires.

Although watches are built to withstand vigorous conditions and to daily usage, over time your timepiece will require a little tender loving care and it’s important to remember that getting a watch fixed is much more expensive than maintaining one.

So how do you begin the process of caring for your luxury timepiece?

Although it may sound a little backwards, you’re actually better off wearing your watch regularly as appose to storing it. Inside your watch is a movement, which requires regular movement to keep the lubricants from hardening and ultimately causing issues with your watch.

I know this might be a given, but cleaning your watch is an essential part of caring for your timepiece. Over time lots of dirt can build up within your watch, due to all of those small gaps on your watch. By using a connoisseurs cleansing kit you can access these difficult areas and remove all dirt from your watch.

If you think there is something wrong with your watch, perhaps it is not keeping time or not moving at all. If something like this happens, it’s important not to panic and try and rectify the issue yourself. Opening the watch up could cause more damage and you make the issue even worse. If there appears to be an issue with your watch, leave it to the experts and take it to an authorised agent ASAP.

For automatic timepieces winding your watch is an essential part of watch care. If you fail to wind your timepiece this can lead to malfunctions and could lead to a pricey repair. If you are not wearing it every day, then a watch winder box is a good idea, this keeps the watch moving in the same manner your wrist will. Be aware of the cheap example of watch winders online.

For the small amount of effort it takes to maintain your timepiece, there is no reason your watch cannot retain its original quality forever more.