Since the TUDOR watch legacy first begun back in 1926, TUDOR has always offered beautifully designed accessibly priced women’s watches. The styles of the TUDOR women’s watches have always been considered very Art Deco, era.many of the models were noticed for their delicate features such as engravings and gem settings. The watches retained their versatile look with cases that were rectangular and barrel shaped - a style very in line with the fashions of that era.

The 1940s saw Tudor introduce waterproof cases to the timepieces; something that was very unheard of at the time. Watches of cutting edge technology and incredible quality designed for a “vigorous lifestyle” started being advertised towards women.

In the 1970s a lot more focus was placed on sporting activities, including a campaign featuring a female water ski champion. The watch used was a Princess Oysterdate which is a waterproof, self-winding model - known for its robustness, performance and elegance. A few years before this, TUDOR presented its first divers’ watch which was dedicated exclusively to women. This watch was known as the Princess Date Submariner and featured a compact diameter as well as a dial inspired by the famous “Snowflake” design which is the aesthetic signature of TUDOR divers’ watches.


Notable Collections from the Tudor women’s range

Fast forward to 2018, TUDOR announced the launch of the new 1926 range, aptly named after the date the brand was formed. This exciting new range of timepieces retains Tudor’s loyalty to traditional values of Swiss watch making with its domed glass for a vintage touch with a delicate embossed design at the centre that is a nod back at Tudor’s origins.

Tudor’s Style line represents the essence of timeless mechanical watch making. The style collection features watches which are ideal for everything occasion. Watches in the style collection are available in 28 mm and 34 mm with the choice of a steel or gold and steel case with polished and satin-brushed finishes. In this fantastic collection there is a style for everyone.

The Glamour collection is one that speaks sophistication, embodying elegance and style with a superb attention to detail which has helped build this brands reputation. This collection features a double bezel which creates a characteristic relief effect. The enveloping shape of the lugs manages to form a perfect refined angle that works in harmony with the bezel creating a sophisticated and elegant look.

The sporty Black Bay 32 is a watch that brings all the qualities of a tool-watch to a women’s wrist. This watch shares style with practicality, the 32mm steel case houses an automatic movement with a sapphire crystal. This watch is perfect for women who wants a watch fit for an active lifestyle yet still retains style and sophistication.

The Clair De Rose is timeless, delicate and elegant. This collection is entirely dedicated to women. Not only does it draw on the brand’s traditional aesthetics but it also features the quality of modern day watch with an artistic touch. Lady Gaga is also an ambassador of Tudor and wears this fabulous watch embodying the Tudor tagline “Born to Dare”.