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Tops Tips for Proposing this Summer

When you think of a summer proposal, crashing waves at sunset come to mind. Whilst it may seem like the closest thing we’ll get is a pub garden and a parasol, there’s no reason why your engagement can’t be special this summer whether it be in Bedford or the Bahamas.
Here are some top tips and tricks for your epic proposal.


Taking advantage of being in the East of England, Bedfordshire and neighbouring counties are home to some of the most beautiful rivers- perfect for punting! The historic River Cam in Cambridgeshire is a great location for a proposal for those of you who want to stay local. Whether you opt for a private or chauffeured punt, the intimate setting under a blanket as you enjoy the river breeze over a glass of bubbly gives an air of romance. You can propose as you glide under a bridge or you could even pack a picnic, bring out your creative flare and spell out ‘will you marry me’ using food. Another way of proposing is getting them to look inside the hamper to find the ring, this way if you are shy or do not quite know the words, actions will do all the talking. 
Beach proposal

Britain has some hidden gems with golden coastlines just waiting for you to visit! Whisking your loved one for a weekend getaway to the seaside, gives you the perfect opportunity to pop the question. A romantic walk with the sound of the waves creates the perfect ambience for your unsuspecting love one to find ‘will you marry me’ written in pebbles or etched in the sand. Whilst your loved one is taken by the surprise, this gives you the perfect cue to either get down on one knee or present the ring as you desire.

Bring your bucket and spade! Make the most of being at the seaside and use what is around you- sand and lots of it. Propping your ring box on top of a sandcastle is another idea which is ideal, especially if you are a close knit family and want to get the kids involved- the commitment you have already made to each other. This playful gesture can symbolise your loved one being the king or queen to your heart.
Props are your friends

Proposing does not necessarily mean a day out, being such a special occasion you must do what is right for you and your partner. If you prefer a quiet setting or are working to a budget you can pop the question from the comfort of your own home. There is nothing our partners love more then when we make an effort, some carefully placed scented candles laid out in the shape of a heart with the ring placed in the centre will make a heartfelt proposal for your special someone.
Pick the Right Ring

Now hold on before you get your thinking caps on. It all begins with the ring and to propose, finding the perfect ring is a mind field in itself. Which is where Baker Brothers come in; with a selection of dazzling diamonds or vibrant coloured gemstone engagement rings to choose from and our knowledgeable specialists on hand to help you.

Once you have the perfect ring all that’s left to do is let the fun begin and see your dream proposal become reality.
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