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The Importance of Servicing Your Rolex

Rolex Servicing
If you are an owner of a Rolex timepiece, you will know that these watches are built to last, in fact if taken good care of, these watches can last a lifetime, that includes caring for it daily, making sure you use it as its initially intended. You will also need to service your watch when the time comes. Here is everything you need to know about servicing your Rolex.

The main factors influencing a Rolex service cost are movement, model, case type and the condition. Before every service you should be able to know exactly how much it will cost you. After leaving your watch to a certified watchmaker, they will evaluate the condition of your watch. Afterwards, they will give you an estimate based on what will need to be done to take care of your timepiece. The reason the price varies is because they may have to replace parts, which is not part of the minimum fee. You’ll have to approve the cost before the service procedure is initiated.

The intrinsic and specialist craftsmanship behind these watches is what makes them such a great investment and allows them to be passed through generations. To guarantee continued accuracy and waterproofness, it is recommended that you periodically return your timepiece to an official Rolex retailer for a professional service. Over time the lubricants within the watches can break down, increasing friction which causes more wear on the components which can impact the performance of the watch.

So what does the servicing process consist of?

Step one - Disassembly (this is where the whole watch is disassembled. The bracelet removed, case opened and movement removed) 
Disassembly of your watch
Step 2-  Cleaning of the movement (using specially formulated solutions each component is ultrasonically cleaned)
Cleaning of the movement
Step 3 - Replacement of components (a Rolex watchmaker closely examines each component and identifies which need replacing using genuine Rolex parts supplied directly from Rolex headquarters in Switzerland 
Replacement of Components
Step 4 - Lubrication and reassembly (Rolex have made all there own lubricants to minimise friction and prevent wear) 

Step 5 - Timing calibrations (the heart of the Rolex watch is the balance wheel which has a frequency of over 690,000 beats per day. The watch maker will meticulously adjust the balance wheel and electronically test the timing accuracy. Over the next several days your Rolex will be tested and carefully observed to verify it’s performance
Timing Calibrations
Step 6 - Refinishing the case and bracelet (the same attention to detail the is devoted to servicing the movement is now used to service the case and bracelet. After cleaning the case and bracelet you watch will be closely examined and any worn or damaged components will be replaced again with genuine Rolex parts. They are then expertly refinished and ultrasonically cleaned to restore lustre). Fun fact- it takes 5 years to be a polisher at Rolex!

Step 7 - Reassembly of the case (all the seals are replaced to guarantee waterproofness) 

Step 8 - Waterproof testing (there is a 3 step process- vacuum test, compression test and a condensation test). This will reveal even the smallest amount of moisture within the case 
Waterproof Testing
Step 9 - Final quality control (although checks are done at every stage of the servicing process, a final check of the power reserve, timing accuracy and aesthetics appearance is carried out). This is to guarantee the highest possible standard of quality. 

Step 10 - The two-year service guarantees (after a complete service Rolex, your Rolex is covered by a 24-month service guarantee. The recommended service interval is 10 years.

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