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How to Propose in Lockdown

Lockdown Proposal
We might be in Lockdown but that does not prevent a perfect proposal from happening! If anything, this is the ideal and most intimate time to ask those four special words ‘Will you marry me?”. After all, this is probably the most one-on-one time you will ever have with your loved one. Think of this as an opportunity to pull out all of the stops and do something completely out of the jewellery box.

Let Baker Brothers Diamonds inspire you with some of the most romantic proposal ideas to consider at home. You both might just treasure the memory forever.

1. Breakfast in Bed

Sometimes simple is the way forward! From perfectly prepared pancakes to lovingly made eggs royale. Follow your breathtaking brunch up with a sparkling diamond and you can be sure to have won the heart of your partner-to-be. Followed by a glass of Champagne of course!
Breakfast in Bed
2. Date Night

If you can’t leave the house for date night, bring date night to you! Decorate the front room with roses, candles, balloons and serve up a home-cooked meal of your partner's favourite dishes. Perhaps you both have a song that takes you back and can help to remind your partner about every chapter of your love story. The more effort you put into the proposal, the more magical it will be.
3. Picnic

Whether it’s in your living room or your garden, laying out a gorgeous picnic spread filled with your partner’s favourite snacks, beverages and activities will always go down a treat. Opening the picnic hamper and finding a beautiful engagement ring, plus discovering you on one knee is definitely not a moment that can be forgotten.
Picnic Pack
4. Treasure Hunt

Why not turn your home into a romantic treasure hunt? Fill your house with hints and clues that will make your partner swoon at each stop. From the place you first met, the song that reminds you of them, love letters and inside jokes that only the two of you can share. The rose petal trail will eventually lead your partner to you, waiting on one knee ready to pop the question with a beautiful engagement ring in hand.

5. Scenic View

You might both have passed the time during lockdown by exercising and going on regular runs/walks together. Why not lead your partner to a location with a scenic view and ask for their hand there? This creates a place the two of you can share as ‘your place’. One you’ll be able to visit frequently for years to come, reminiscing about the sentimental moments you both shared. It’s moments like these that the two of you will hold onto and will go down in your very own unique history. Don’t let lockdown hold you back on expressing your love for your partner. If anything, it’s there to bring you closer than ever.
Scenic Natural View
If you are thinking about popping the question, allow Baker Brothers Diamonds to handhold you as you select the dazzling diamond of yours and your partner’s dreams, contact us on 01234 630821