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How Much Is Your Jewellery Worth?

Valuations at Baker Brothers Diamonds
Why is a registered Valuation neccessary?

There are many reasons why you may need a jewellery, watch or silverware valuation, but it is important that they are carried out be an NAJ's Institute Registered Valuer (IRV). The NAJ's Institute of Registered Valuers is a professionally recognised body giving valuations and valuers a higher profile and recognition, which celebrated its Pearl Anniversary (30 years) in 2017.

Valuations today need to be undertaken to a very high standard in line with what is expected and necessary from Insurers; the highest level is represented by our IRV fellows/members. All IRVs, numbering around 140 throughout the United Kingdom and Irish Republic, have proved their expertise to their peers, with formal training and substantial experience within the industry. They provide a professional service you can trust.

How does a valuation help a claims process?

Without a valuation an insurer will have no idea what it is they are insuring and will have to start their underwriting process after a loss, rather than when they actually agree to cover the item, to establish what the item is and how much THEY think it will cost to replace.  Without a registered valuation it has been shown that the claim will be a lot lower than it would have been if a valuation was provided upfront.

How can I ensure that a replacement item is a fair replacement for the original?

If the only description you have of your jewellery is that it was “a 3 stone diamond ring, purchase price £750”, you may not know whether the quality of the replacement ring offered by insurers is similar.

A professional valuation will provide an accurate description of each item and a measure of its quality in terms of the type of precious metal, the size, colour and clarity of any diamonds, and a description of other stones, as well as an up-to-date replacement cost.  A valuation should also include a photograph. Such a valuation is a powerful protection against inadequate replacement.
Value your Jewellery with Baker Brothers
Baker Brothers Valuation Day - May 9th 2019 

These consultations are by appointment only and are very popular.

Quick, convenient and completely hassle free, our valuation days are the perfect opportunity to have your treasured pieces valued without ever being parted from them.

During your visit, your jewellery will be assessed by an independent registered valuer who can also answer any questions you might have. 

All valuations come with expert descriptions, digital photographs and documentation legally required by your insurance company.

Make sure to protect your treasured valuables and have the necessary and relevant paperwork required, ensuring you receive what they are worth in the event of a loss. Once they have been lost, it is impossible to prove their up to date worth without a valuation.

Please call us on 01234 352343 or ask in store.

Please make sure that you bring with you any previous documents, reports, certificates enabling the valuer to record relevant information in your new valuation document. Often stones are weighed before setting and reports/certificates will have this information recorded. Any watch purchase receipts or previous repair information will also assist the valuer especially when they have limited time to research whilst on the road.

When you arrive for your appointment your jewellery will be cleaned if necessary and prepared for valuation. Please give all relevant information to the valuer at the start of your consultation.

The valuer will then examine your items and give you any relevant information on history and origin. They may also ask you for information that may assist them in their assessment. Vital information about your items will be recorded, including gemstone types and sizes, metal types and workmanship.

Once each item has been carefully examined and photographed, and no further research is required, you will receive a beautifully presented valuation to take home with you. Where further research is required the valuer will take down all the details including photographs and the document will be sent on to you once the detail has been finalised.