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FOPE - Brand Of The Month

Fope Ladies
A brand, A family. Fope was established in 1929 in the metropolitan city of Vicenza, Italy. With its stunning architecture surrounding the city, this can be reflected through the Fope jewellery collections with their uniquely engineered pieces.

Want elegant, practical jewellery you can wear for any occasion that cannot be recreated by anyone else? Look no further. Each piece has been handmade using patented technologies meaning that they cannot be replicated anywhere else giving them an individual identity. Fope have truly mastered the balance of craftsmanship and technology in their pieces which is reflected in the quality and precision of all jewellery made by Fope.

The Prima collection is essential to any wearer whether you’re a beginner to the brand or a Fope connoisseur. Each bracelet is ENTIRELY comprised of fine quality 18 carat Gold even down to the springs thanks to the bespoke Fope patented system. It is the latest to join the Fope Flex’it range, The bracelets simply roll on and off! How cool is that? You do not have to rely on anyone to put it on for you, complete independence in a bracelet.
FOPE Bracelets
The beauty of Fope is that any piece is tasteful, elegant and chic in its own right yet it also works stacked or layered marrying with other collections. They are all designed to flow and intertwine with each other. All gold is consistent in colour as Fope mix their own alloys meaning each piece will truly harmonise.

Not just for women! Like us Fope comes in all different shapes and sizes meaning there is a piece for everyone. Lets break the assumption Fope is only for the ladies, with all of the different combinations available there are many styles and a collection suitable for men too. His and hers bracelets anyone?

Making their presence known especially with their Baselworld Launches, Fope is taking the jewellery industry by storm. They are a leading brand full of heritage keeping the integrity of their roots alive, whilst evolving  and propelling themselves into the future. If you weren’t talking about Fope then you certainly will be talking about them now.

At Baker Brothers we are privileged to be able to showcase Fope in our fabulous boutique. Tempted? Why not come down and have a personal shopping experience with one of our Fope ambassadors, we’ll be waiting.