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Dive into the TUDOR Pelagos with Baker Brothers

TUDOR Pelagos
Born to dare? Dive in as we discover the precious watch that has captured the hearts of time piece enthusiasts and divers alike - The TUDOR Pelagos.

This watch combines fashion and function, initially designed as being a tool watch for divers. The grand name ‘Pelagos’ being the Greek word for sea. A fact with grandeur to impress your peers?

Launched in 2012 the Pelagos continues to take the diving watch market by storm - even going as far as having won the prestigious GPHG (Fondation du Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève). Think the Oscars for watches! This esteemed win being for ‘the best sports watch’ against the WHOLE Swiss watch industry.

A spectacular success, let us tell you more about this award-winning particular piece;

A stunning 42mm case size for ample legibility is complimented with a distinctive matt bezel in either a rich royal blue or a modest black. The bezel is comprised of ceramic meaning that it isn’t affected by seawater, making it superiorly scratch resistant.

If you’re a fellow watch aficionado like us, you may also know that the bespoke bezel was designed so that when it rotates it sounds exactly like the TUDOR safe at the Geneva headquarters. Exuding quality indeed. 

The distinctive dial screams Tudor with its iconic white markers and hands. These accents are filled with a special recipe luminosity that glows bright blue in the dark. Especially as this is the last colour the human eye is able to distinguish in the ocean.
TUDOR 2018
TUDOR 2018

The case is followed by a bracelet complete with patented extension system, originally designed to fit over a wetsuit. The exquisite time piece is ideal for divers whilst also convenient for enthusiasts enjoying the warm summer season.

The benefits are endless when it comes to the Pelagos. It’s the light titanium craftsmanship, its top time-keeping tolerance, the unidirectional bezel, and its nifty helium escape valve for deep see pressure.

Tried and tested by professional divers in Geneva Lake, feel assured that this watch has been approved by the harshest of critics. The watch is entirely waterproof to an astonishing 500 meters. So whether you’re holidaying in paradise by the pool, beachside bathing, deep sea adventuring or even soaking in the shower, your watch will continue to perform swimmingly.

Two left hands? If you’re a left hander, look no further as the Pelagos is available in a ‘Left Hand Drive’ option. This prevents the crown from digging into your hand. Plus, gone is the awkward struggle to set the time upside down.

You truly gain a fantastic piece for your money set at £3,440.00, The Pelagos is a perfect choice for those who want a watch of quality, craftsmanship and a deep-rooted heritage and history. You also receive a five year international guarantee card for peace of mind.

Dare to wear and want to make a splash in the style stakes? To peruse our Pelagos further, speak to one of our passionate Tudor specialists at Baker Brothers. Our experienced experts will be happy to answer any further questions on 01234 352 343.

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