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Diamonds - Lab Grown vs Natural

Diamonds at Baker Brothers
For those of us looking to buy diamonds, the jargon used by some jewellers can leave you feeling puzzled and confused. When all that you know is that you want a gemstone that looks beautiful, discerning the differences can be a minefield.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring or a special gift for your loved one, your first internet search for a gemstone can take you into the unknown, with many types of gemstones and different cuts to choose from. Diamonds are the ultimate choice for jewellery due to their beauty, rarity and durability for everyday wear, being the hardest natural gemstone you can buy.

However, the quest to buy a diamond has a new complexity recently due to the increasing availability of “lab grown” diamonds that are now being sold due to advances in science and technology.

This recent trend of lab grown diamonds being used in the jewellery industry may mean you come across them when looking to buy a piece of jewellery and will cause you to wonder -what are they and what is the difference when compared with natural diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are crystallised carbon that has been synthetically made using one of two processes; the first being High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and the second being Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD). In the laboratory the two methods of producing the lab grown diamonds are artificially simulated trying to emulate the conditions that natural diamonds are subject to by Mother Nature deep in the earth’s core.

Many believe lab grown diamonds are more ecologically friendly as there is no process of mining them. This is simply not the case as the scientific processes for making lab grown diamonds emit many harmful gasses via the use of large quantities of fossil fuels and energy. Whereas natural diamonds need only be mined once, and all diamonds being billions of years old, are one of the most re-cycled natural resources on the planet. Having been extracted from the earth’s core, they can be remodelled into new pieces of jewellery over and over again meaning that they can be worn, loved and enjoyed for decades.
Diamonds at Baker Brothers
Furthermore the mining of natural diamonds helps enrich third world countries by giving local civilians the opportunity to work and provide for their families, and if this was to cease they would have little means of support. When buying lab grown diamonds the profits benefit already well established organisations and countries. A common misconception with natural diamonds is that they have been mined from countries suffering from conflict. At Baker Brothers all of our diamonds that we source have been verified through the Kimberley Process meaning that they have come from conflict free countries and that the workers have been treated ethically.

Some of us also think about the future of our jewellery. Many people buy diamonds with the view of passing their diamonds on to their loved ones. A natural diamond tends to hold value very well and steadily rises over the years as the rarity increases, differing to lab grown diamonds.
Lab grown diamonds only take a matter of weeks to form and are made in bulk, this mass-made product of a science laboratory lacking the natural wonder and beauty that natural diamonds epitomise, cheapening them and making them comparable to that of costume jewellery.

Even though lab grown diamonds have been developed to mimic the real deal there is no denying the magnificence of a natural diamond. This can be compared to wearing designer brand clothes versus replicas. Whilst the replicas appear to look like the designer clothes the original will always have the better feel, quality and standard. There is also a subconscious factor as a wearer who will know that they are wearing luxury; it’s about how owning and wearing the best there is makes you feel.

A beautiful natural diamond is formed deep in the earth’s crust and is billions of years old. This alone makes them special and rare as no two diamonds are the same. The rarity of natural diamonds adds that sentimental factor to your purchase, as you would want to give your someone special a gemstone that is amazing and truly unique, as they are to you.

Diamonds, being a fundamental belief for Baker Brothers as diamond specialists, only source natural diamonds for every piece of jewellery we make. With over fifty years of experience in the diamond industry and a stringent hand selection diamond process we only buy diamonds of superb quality, meaning that you get the absolute best.

For us only the beauty of natural diamonds will do. Why not take your diamond buying experience to the next level at Baker Brothers. You will even get the opportunity to look at loose natural diamonds and pick your perfect diamond to make your purchase that bit more special.

Sit with one of our knowledgeable diamond specialists who will be able to answer your questions and guide you to the dazzling diamond of your dreams.