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Brand Focus - RADO Watches

RADO Watches
A world renowned luxury Swiss watch making company that has many accolades under their belt. Rado have always been one step ahead, since their humble beginnings in 1917 Lengnau, Switzerland Rado have created timeless watches that do not age and withstand the test of time so that you can enjoy them for years to come.
RADO Watches
Rado have built quite the reputation for being ‘the master of materials’. Rado have continuously made efforts to improve themselves which is reflected through breakthrough after breakthrough with their groundbreaking trials and success of using different materials putting the ‘unexpected in to Swiss watch making’. After a foundation of over a century Rado have truly perfected the equilibrium of innovative technology and design combined with the use of modern advanced materials.

Rado’s particular field of expertise is in high tech ceramic pieces. The craftsmanship of these time pieces are of high class which can be reflected by their silky smooth feel. There are endless style variations available in metallic or matte in a vast variety of colours for all of you fashionistas out there, there are even variations available with diamond options for that little added elegance and sparkle.

These watches are a fantastic choice, practicality is paramount. They are hypoallergenic meaning people with delicate skin can comfortably wear them all day as well as super light weight and sleek, great for wearing under a shirt or day to day wear. Another great feature is the high scratch resistance, they are truly ‘watches for life’ in that they endure your journey with you one knock at a time.

With a vast variety of Rado watches in store including High Tech Ceramic and many other models on leather straps and bracelets let’s find you your watch for life.

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