Need a new sweater for your weekend getaway? Click. Or perhaps your child needs a water bottle for school? Click.

With the next day delivery options available tempting those of us last minute shoppers the itch to pick up your card is enticing. We may think it’s harmless but the truth of the matter is that online shopping is crippling for local businesses, forcing closures up and down the nation. According to the Office for National Statistics as of July 2019 a staggering 18.2% of total retail sales are online.

Whilst a lot of people would sing the praises of online shopping, there is one crucial and unbeatable argument against it and that is service. You get Z-E-R-O service when shopping online; you may think Fred behind the counter doesn’t add much to your shopping experience but let’s stick up for the Fred’s everywhere.

How nice is it when the sales assistants pays you a compliment or gives you that golden piece of advice to save you a journey back to the dreaded customer service desk for a refund.

With a surge in online shopping there is becoming a lesser need for human interaction and workers. Warehouses are looking like something out of a Sci- Fi movie as drones and robotics have overtaken the hard working hands of operatives.  So many of us have turned to online shopping for convenience, in an era where technology has taken over we have become enslaved by the world of the web. We would rather buy online and get our products delivered right to our front door rather than physically go out and buy them.

Independent businesses like Baker Brothers are the heart of Bedford and epitome of our High Street. In a world dominated by online shopping and chain stores, Independent businesses are a breath of fresh air. Nothing beats the personal experience from your local business owner. For Baker Brothers building relationships go further than just a purchase. To us you are not just another number off the conveyer belt or a sign to meet sales targets, Independent businesses care about you and we must care about them!