Here at Baker Brothers we know the sentimental importance of your jewellery and we know how much it means to you.  But over time taste change and fashions move on and some of those once loved pieces get put to back of the drawer, in favour for something else.  But at Baker Brothers we love to rekindle the love and offer a complimentary bespoke remodelling service for jewellery you may wish to alter or recreate.

Ultimately the restyling of your jewellery comes down to what you want and the way you want it to look. There are many different options when re-styling your jewellery, we can advise you on creating new bespoke designs using old and new gemstones or maybe a simpler re-model.

We are open to any ideas and we are very enthusiastic about this fun process!

Once a design is confirmed that you are happy with, we will then instruct one of our highly trained goldsmiths to bring your idea to life. The length of time it takes to create your new piece of jewellery varies depending on the complexity, but it won’t be long until your new piece is back being worn and is your must have accessory.

If you are interested in bringing a potential idea to life, simply enquire here.