The history and art of Signet rings is derived from a notable time when the rich and educated would use the ring as a seal, playing an important role in politics and business. The ring would feature the family crest or emblem and could be used to sign documents by dipping the ring into hot wax or soft clay – At the time the seal was on par with being as official if not more so than a signature as it was the only authentic way to sign without worry of forgery and/or tampering.

Fast forward to the modern era where letters are rarely used and there is no need for a wax seal, the traditional meaning of a signet ring has somewhat faded, the majority of people who own traditional signet rings have inherited them through generations of the family. However, this does not mean Signet rings are dead; in fact it’s quite the opposite with a surge in popularity in recent years.

The resurgence

The Signet Ring may be steeped in tradition but it is also a modern day must have which can still be passed down through generations – A timeless classic with will never go out of fashion whilst maintaining sentimental value. We offer a choice of high quality signet Rings which can be crafted in either 9ct or 18ct gold and can be worn plain or a seal engraving can be carried out by hand by one of our expert goldsmiths (if you are unsure about your family crest, one of our team will be happy to assist in locating the design).


As every Signet ring is personal to the wearer, the majority of our Signet rings are bespoke made so whether you are looking for a custom shape, engraving or adding a birthstone to a Signet Ring, our knowledgeable goldsmiths can cater to your requirements.

We also stock a selection of signet rings suitable for your engraving in-store and online.

Which Finger should you wear your signet ring on?

There is no definitive guide on which finger you should wear your signet ring on, the likes of Winston Churchill and Steve McQueen opted to wear their signet ring on the third finger and Prince Charles notably wears his Signet ring on his ‘Pinky’ finger - The most popular option within the UK.


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