Here is the debate of the watch world that has been going on for over four decades. As with all areas of watches and jewellery it is a personal decision as there are benefits to both. I personally have a lot of admiration for both feats of technology.

Quartz movements are your dependable workhorse, a faithful friend. Whether you have worn it that week or not you can pick up your watch and it will be there reading back to you your hours, minutes and seconds. This is down to its power source- the ever-readybattery, to coin the term of a well known brand! As a constant supply of power is there to the movement day and night it doesn’t come to a halt until that battery is drained.

In my head my quartz watch is shouting “I’m here, I’ve got your back” all be it until once in while it splutters those fateful words at roughly 5 second intervals “…Man… down!”


To me an Automatic movement is a feat of miniature scale engineering. Personally I can’t help but feel excited by the fact that this type of movement is all run by the precision and harmony of all those tiny parts moving in perfect synchronisation. In essence an automatic movement is powered by the act of being worn. The action of being worn transmits power to the movement which is stored up and then slowly released (think of the wind up torch you probably have in the cupboard somewhere). This does mean that if an automatic movement isn’t worn for an extended period of time it will stop.

I suppose an automatic watch is a relationship like a close family friend you have always grown up with. You know the one. They know members of your family by first name because they came to your auntie’s birthday party, always there by your side, thick or thin. You go on holiday and it almost feels like everything grinds to a halt. As soon as you get back together everything quickly is back into the usual swing!

This barely scratches the surface of differences, pros and cons of each type of watch movement. I believe it comes down to lifestyle and personal preference which you choose. This certainly gives you a great starting point though as embark on a journey into horology!