Summer is around the corner which means it’s time for a splash of colour and some vibrant styles. When it comes to choosing jewellery, it boils down to a matter of expression. When we think of summer we think of sunshine, warmth, blue skies and gentle breezes, so what jewellery can we wear to suit this beautiful time of year?

If you are looking to delve into a colourful style, gemstones are your perfect match. Blue topaz is a gemstone which particularly comes to mind when thinking of summertime. Radiate colours of tropical oceans and light blue skies with this enchanting gemstone, as you can see these beautiful Blue Topaz and diamond earrings beam an array of aquatic tones, surrounded by stunning diamonds which also add to the glowing look. Although blue topaz speaks for itself, you may want to try a style featuring mixed gemstones to express the many different colours of summertime, this Marco Bicego bracelet for example, it features colours of mellow sunshine, colourful blooming flowers, bright green fields and dreamy seas. Colours are a great way of expressing this amazing time of year and really work well with any season. This Marco Bicego necklace is another elegant piece; stand out with the vibrant trio of gemstones which really combine the colours of summer.

How about adding some uniqueness to your jewellery this summer? There are so many creative, refreshing styles out there. Something that is becoming increasingly popular is patterns. Take a look at these astonishing 9ct Gold diamond pattern earrings with the immensely detailed engraving design on the sides. As you can see this is a versatile pair and would be a great touch on any summer outfit. Blend in with the summer settings with these beautiful silver flower drop earrings. Bloom on any summer day with this amazing floral look.

What shouts summer more than gold? If you’re looking for something that is warm, bright and speaks for itself, gold could be your answer. Flaunt shades of sunshine and hazy sunsets. A really nice summery piece is this Marco Bicego yellow gold Africa necklace, although elegant and classy, can also be worn anywhere. Rose gold is another great contender. Although it is not quite as striking as yellow gold, it will certainly still catch eyes. Rose gold is an excellent fit for summer, well suited for any warm summer night if you’re looking to blend in with the hazy sun setting skies. Take a look at these beautiful rose gold diamond & amethyst earrings, certain to light up any summer night.

There are so many different styles of jewellery which we can feature in our outfits which emphasise summers joyous good times. Find your summer flair here at Baker Brothers.